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 Land SurveyOR FAQ's

  • Who Can Provide a Land Survey for Me? In the state of North Carolina, only a Professional Land Surveyor, licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, is legally permitted to survey land. 

  • What Does A Land Surveyor Do? Professional Land Surveyors provide a highly technical and complex array of services utilizing the art of measuring properties and their features, applied mathematics, and skilled interpretation of laws and codes.  They use a variety of instruments and computer programs specific to the field to complete their work. 

  • Why Do I Need a Survey? If you are purchasing a house or a piece of land, a Land Survey may be required for your closing.  Before you purchase a piece of property, it is strongly recommended that you obtain a survey to have an accurate and precise description of the property for the deed, and to know up front whether there are any encroachments that may affect the title of the land.  Additionally, if you have questions about whether parts of a building, a fence, or a tree are on your property or your neighbor's, you may need a survey.  If you want to improve a piece of property (i.e., adding drives, fences, walls or buildings), a survey may be needed to locate the boundaries and then the new structure on the property.  Using a Surveyor for staking the locations of improvements avoids encroachments upon adjoining property and possible litigation in the future.  If you want to subdivide a piece of property, a survey is necessary, and the Professional Land Surveyor can then prepare the subdivision plat and record it.

  • What Kind of Survey Do I Need? Descriptions of survey types can be found on our SERVICES page.

  • How Much Does a Survey Cost? The answer to this question depends completely upon the size of your property, type of job requested, and whether there will be city / county fees for submission and recording.  When you contact Freeman Land Surveying we will take all of the necessary information into consideration, examine your property on GIS, and ask questions to determine precisely what will be required before we give you a quote.  The quote will include our time researching deeds, plats or court records relevant to your property and those surrounding, locating the physical boundary, making computations to check the boundary, placing markers on the property and preparing and recording the survey plat, if needed. 

  • How Long Does it Take for a Survey to Be Complete?  This is another "loaded question"!  The answer is highly variable, depending upon factors including:  type of survey, size of property, whether the property is open (cleared) or wooded, whether any previous property markers are still in place, how many structures are on the property, time of year (leaves on trees reduce visibility; snow or frozen ground make locating old markings more difficult), terrain of property, weather, how long it takes for your city and/or county to approve projects, and more!  Look for someone who will lay out all of these issues for you up front based upon your specific job, and will then give you a best estimate for completion.  At Freeman Land Surveying we pride ourselves in getting jobs completed and delivered to our client on (or preferably before) the date promised.  Please note that we begin work on your job before we ever set foot on the property, as there is significant office time spent researching deeds and plats of your property and all surrounding properties as soon as we place your job on our schedule. 

  • How Do I Choose the Best Professional Land Surveyor?  You should carefully choose your Land Surveyor based upon more than simply how fast they can get the job done, or how low the cost is.  Unfortunately, saving a few dollars up front may result in spending more down the road for additional surveying and legal fees.  You will want a Surveyor who is experienced in the specific type of work necessary for your job, and who can discuss any potential complicating factors surrounding your property and plans.  Ideally, a Land Surveyor will take the time to discuss your specific needs for the survey before giving you a timeframe or quote.  He or she will then explain what is required to complete your survey, and will help you understand the process.  This will assure you that the Surveyor is sufficiently informed when giving you a target completion date.  You will also benefit from a Land Surveyor who constantly updates sophisticated field equipment and computers to stay at the cutting edge of technology and provide you with the best service. 

  • What Does the Land Surveyor Need from Me?  The Surveyor will ask you to provide exact specifications about what is required for your survey.  You may need to find out from your mortgage broker, realtor, or attorney what they require, especially in the case of commercial property transactions.  For staking houses on property, the Surveyor will require a copy of your detailed house plans.